Real Estate Transfer Services
  • Real Estate Transfers
           Family Transfers (including mortgage or refinancing)
           Family Transfers pursuant to Separation Agreements
           Transfers to Surviving Joint Tenants
           Transfers to Executor or Administrator
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sale
           Residential Property (including mortgage or refinancing)
           Commercial Property (including mortgage or refinancing)
           Private Purchases
  • Leases, Assignment of Rents and Assumption of Mortgages
  • Easements and Rights of Way
  • Builders¡¯ Liens
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Co-Ownership Agreements
  • Purchaser¡¯s Side of Foreclosure
  • Zoning Applications
  • Documents for Subdivision and Strata
           Subdivisions of Land
           Consolidation of Lots
           Stratafication of Buildings
           Bare Land Strata